January 27, 2015

Get Your Mind Right 1st! #CleanEating

Hello Loves. (NAMASTE)

As some of you have requested this entry will be focusing on things in this world that forced me to start Clean Living, Clean Eating & Clean Loving. So many things have changed in our world since the beginning of time and it is so easy to drift with the dirty wind.

( I use clean and dirty to explain right and wrong in this post but remember my right may not be your right and my wrong may not be your wrong but if it sounds right & it feels right then it is right for you) #ToEachItsOwn

I can remember being in my neon-green painted room at my mother's house on 10/10/2010. My husband and I were separated that year and I had decided to change my life for the better. You know when something drastic in your life happens and you're like "Fux this *ish, I'm about to bounce back better than ever!" yup, I was standing in-front of the mirror looking fly in my bathing suit taking selfies with my t-mobile sidekick #Throwback. During that time I was spending most of my weekends at the beach "cleansing" as we would say. I guess I had an epiphany on that day.. (a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being) I woke up and said I would change my life and not eat meat. That vegetarian phase lasted for 3 years and then I fell into a money depression and had to eat accordingly but I never lost sight of the truth. #HowCanI

The epiphany was cool but the cause of the epiphany was more like a paradigm shift (a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions). We all have these shifts so it is important that you understand the meaning of them. See...on the night before 10/10/2010 I watched this documentary about food and how the animals are raised and injected with all these harmful substances. How our bodies were deteriorating from eating these processed foods and how the animals were being killed. "Are you serious?".. So my brain made the decision to eat clean before my stomach could even agree with it. Mind Over Matter made the change easy for me. That means the change can come easy for anyone with the right understanding.

Below will be the studies of this post. I have done research to find the easiest and inexpensive way to change your mind for the better. These are only a few key tips but with all of your continued questions and comments we will expose a lot of truth on this blog. I have been through these same point of views and I also have been studying my own findings and theories. You are here because you are serious about changing, you see exactly what a dirty lifestyle has done for our lives from the past to now and you know it is time.

Again, you will not be alone in this journey. I genuinely you to win. Money is cool, but Wealth and Health is for eternity!!

**Please read through this entire post before going to the links I have provided for you. Everything I talk about is relevant to life and what you have been searching for. With that being said, please don't cut my teachings short. Teaching is my art, my creativity and like Badu said, "I'm sensitive about my *ish!" LOL.

  • So first, I suggest you watch Food, Inc. I have searched the Internet for links to this video and I have found Amazon to be the cheapest for instant rental $2.99. But if you have good 'ol Netflix then it's on there. Also, the director of Food, Inc sat down and did a review on the film, and I found that on YouTube for you here.. 
  •  Then I think you should take a break and reflect on yourself and what you have consumed today. Remember, eating clean is not about completely changing everything you eat. You DO NOT want to do that because everything takes time. Please remember this. I am not a health care professional so I can only speak from my studies and my examples from my life and the lives around me. Moderation is the key. 
  •  Now that you have viewed and reviewed the bullet points above, I think it would be good for you to see someone practicing healthy eating. The documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is a great film. Again, you can find this on Netflix or $3.99 on amazon for rent. I really enjoyed this film the most because "Joe" was extremely obese and he was suffering from many illnesses. He heard that his illness could be reversed with a balanced nutritional diet and exercise and he committed to it. He reversed his illnesses and he looks amazing today. Remember that every illness/disease can be reversed!
  • Last but not least watch Earthlings. Now this film is about everything. This is like "The Wake Up Call". Keep an open mind and an open heart when you watch this film and never, ever judge. There is so much information to process when you see this film, it's not just about food. Some things will be like "duh" and something will have you like "WOW!". I have found this one for you on YouTube here.. 
  OK, I think those 4 bullet points above are the beginning to your conscious journey. This is the start and it will take months or even years for the full effect of your learning to become apart of you fully, but like everything there has to be a start.

In my next blog post I will list 10 things you should be changing in your kitchen. There are some things that you may cook with now that may be harming you in the long run. I will have the prices of the items and reasons for erasing these items from your eating life. As always, share your wealth and tell someone you love about my blogspot. I am passionate about teaching. I have been teaching since before I even knew I was a good teacher so I know teaching is my destiny..


Never too young & never too old. #CleanEating #CleanLiving

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"There are so many puzzle pieces to this picture perfect life..start collecting your pieces now!" -Dominique Le Blu


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