February 4, 2015

Eat What You Find

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The prices of food is still rising making it so hard to eat clean on a budget. I have found a way that helps my family out and I would like to share it with you. My motto is "Eat What You Find"or eat what's on sale.

Today in my local market Hass Avocado were on sale 4 for $5. Still expensive to me but I'll take it.
They were very ripe so I only got 3 of them. I already had 2 at home from my last grocery shop. Well let me tell you what I do with these good boys:
  1.  Put 1/2 of 1 in a smoothie. I either go chocolate almond milk, frozen & ripe strawberries & avocado or I put it in with my berry smoothie (orange juice, avocado, frozen blueberries, raspberries, and kiwi).
  2.  Spread Hass Avocado on toast, for a rich and velvety, cholesterol-free topping.
  3.  Even one avocado can make a great snack with chips or veggie sticks. Diced or mashed Hass Avocados make one fantastic dip.
  4. Make hair conditioner. Mash up an avocado and add your favorite oil and blend/mix until there are no lumps. Put on hair and cover with shower cap. This natural protein treatment will strengthen, as well as moisturize your hair.  
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Kale sprouts on sale at our local market. Sprouts are never on sale, I guess people here don't eat much sprouts. Sprouts are excellent and I cant say excellent loud enough. I add them to my lunch sandwiches, my salads and soups and fried rice. Broccoli sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, kale sprouts and anything sprouted is wonderful for your body. Adding sprouts to your daily diet will be the best thing ever!!! 
 They contain less calories compared to other snacks, and are excellent sources of vitamin K, C, fiber, and other essential minerals. Sprouts are considered to be very healthy, as they have a rich source of protein, anti-oxidants and other vitamins. Sprouting can be done with various vegetables and legumes. They are extremely easy to make them at home, as we just add some water to soak the sprouts for at least 6 hours. As sprouts are nutrient-dense, they provide various health benefits.
Also know like most foods there are risks when eating raw:
  • Buy only fresh sprouts that have been kept properly refrigerated. 
  • Do not buy sprouts that have a musty smell or slimy appearance. 
  • At home, refrigerate sprouts at 40° F or below—in a clean refrigerator.
  • Wash your hands properly before handling raw sprouts.
  • Rinse sprouts thoroughly under running water before use. 
  • If you decide to cook sprouts, it can help reduce the risk of food poisoning. Toss them into soups, stews or stir fries near the end of the cooking process—or oven roast until crisp and browned. 
Now for a drink that has been satisfying to our home lately (I do not allow sodas in the house). Once in a while, and I mean once in a long while I'll let my girls get a soda but Barely.. So when I picked these Sparkling Flavored Waters up, the house went wild!!!
In the picture above are the brands we like. The ICE to the right we have been drinking on a regular basis, the one on the left is new so I cant tell you how it taste but this month the Fruit2O was on sale and not the ICE. If you have decided to give up soda then this is a better substitute. Remember we substitute we don't just go without. This drink has 0 calories, 0 sugar but it gives that fizz like a soda and it comes in all flavors like peach, strawberry and even orange mango. I was so happy to discover these little drinks and they were only $1.00

...and lastly but not least I got this little baby for only .99 cents. Primrose Plant.

We all should have fresh herbs and plants around us. Especially with food being so expensive we all should be growing something we eat if not everything. Start off somewhere. I have garlic already that I grow and aloe and now primrose.  
  • Eating the flowers, seeds, leaves, or roots of Evening Primrose provides the same health benefits as taking commercial oil preparations, and as such, if you have Evening Primrose in the garden, you should definitely come up with creative ways to serve it at mealtime!
  • Externally, the leaves, stems,  and roots can be boiled in water for a tea that is very nourishing for the skin and is effective for use in treatment of acne, dry skin, rashes, itchiness, and for overall skin health in general.
  • Without becoming too technical, the common Evening Primrose plant contains a high concentration of a fatty acid called GLA, and this fatty acid is largely responsible for the remarkable healing properties of the plant. In fact, Evening Primrose contains one of the highest concentrations known of this important substance and only a few other plants contain it at all.  This makes Evening Primrose an important medicinal herb.
*As everything compare new things to your own health and see if its best for you.

So that's it for today. I hope I have inspired you to think different about shopping and eating clean. It is extremely important that we control how we eat for the better. What if all the stores ran out of food?? Can you still eat & feed your family? What's in your cabinets and what are you growing? Love ya'll


My morning breakfast smoothie!!! I went chocolate almond milk, strawberry and avocado. I always add chia seeds and cocoa powder to my smoothies. Today I put some maca powder to balance my hormones after my menstrual cycle. I also used chocolate almond milk that wholefoods had on sale for $1.99 a carton. I bought 20 cartons and they are great because they store in the cabinet easily. Enjoy eating clean!!!


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