February 5, 2015


Good Day Loves! Namaste

Just here running my mouth and I hope you always get excited about reading my posts as I am about writing.

So busy INTO what you CAN'T GET INTO that you lose sight of what's really INTO YOU!  

this post is about you...

I am seeing this type of person too much. I guess because I am so far from the commotion of many people always around me that I can see the different types of people there is. Hopefully this post can help you pick them out too. Before I start running my thoughts I also want you to think about the energy you allow around you. All is so different but all is not for you. So allow the energy that isn't for you to let go. 

Yes, I said, Allow the energy that isn't for you to let go of you. 

By going through my own trials of life and also observing the lives of others I have realized that people are not allowing other people's energy to let go. Some people have this image in their head of "perfection" but they don't want things to change. Do you know the definition of "perfection"? Not what the dictionary says but what your definition of perfection is??

Check it! Perfection to me is What You Want. It's all about you right? So what you want and what you want to deal with is your perfection. We looking into self right? On the other side of thinking people would say the image one portrays is perfection. How other people lust and want you the most is some people's perfection??  This is an energy that people hold within them. This energy can change so know that it's not the people you let go it's an energy. Seeing it this way will make people coming and going easier for you. Which it should. We don't own anyone right? Just checking..

Live out your own perfection and your own perfection will surround you. 

I can see so much of wanting perfection but not creating it in people on social media claiming to be lonely or looking for someone. Yup, not owning your responsibility will make you feel alone. Huh you say? "You aren't even claiming what you really are but you want the perfect individual to notice you?" Call it how you see it. Moving along...

Assumptions will make you look over the truth..

Good ol assumptions. Assuming she's OK when she's really hurting. Assuming she's not hurting because her cries are not loud. But overlooking that her cries aren't loud because she can't make loud  noises while hurting. Oh, the cycle keeps going. . Then assuming she doesn't need you because when you noticed her hurting, you demanded a response but she didn't give you one. A response she couldn't give you because she's hurting. Assumption made you walk away because your attention needs and demands weren't fulfilled by her at that time. You assumed saying, "f*ck it" was the right move but indeed you've just looked past The Truth.

She's hurting and during a time of hurt people want to feel loved and noticed. They want reassurance that in the time of pain there is the perfect person understanding and actually caring about her next move. Whether her pain is physical or mental it is indeed pain and the person she shows compassion for during their pain should be returning the energy..right? Seems right until the tables turn. What do you think?

assumptions man..I hate 'em. . they are make-believe, they are in one's head and they kill. 

Well that's just a little mid-day tea. I see so many people paying attention to things that have no intention on being perfect for them. It's aggy if you ask me, because there are actual people willing to share their Pure & True thoughts and findings for the better of people. But people want the "best creature" in the world to walk beside them while they energize negativity within them just to be INTO what they CAN'T GET INTO!

Thanks for your moments in time..I appreciate you! #LeBlu 

*All quotes are my own. All thoughts are my own. I am not currently reading anything but instead writing my own. I am here for people. I am a teacher & I love all!! Pure & True #LeBlu 


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