January 24, 2015

Where Have You Been Le Blu??...

For as long as I could remember I use to feel that complicated things and intense work was winning. If my drink had many ingredients then it was good.. If the steps were long and high than when reached "I won!" Seems accurate until you meet other winners. Who win from just being happy and simple. Simplicity..

I bet there are many people out here feeling the same way. . No sleep will equal success or sacrifice will get you closer but I had a change of mind.. But what changes this thought process?

Well for me it was when I gave everything I was given away. I  moved away from everything I knew and decided it was best to earn everything back through my Self. I gave everything that we owned in our 3 bedroom home to Goodwill and relatives within a week. Crazy huh?? Don't get me wrong, something's we kept, like our sacred treasures but whatever couldn't fit in our 2013 Ford Taurus was not going on the journey. #TOUGH

The hard part for me was when I rented a car and packed a bag and got on the road to "I don't know where" alone. I left the girls with my mother, gave my hugs and kisses just in case I couldn't make a return and I got on the road. 

To where you ask? I didn't have a clue but I started to drive North.

First stop was Orlando. Good 'ol House of Mickey Mouse. I looked at a few town homes and schools. I wasn't sold so I kept driving. Next stop, Georgia. 

Here I am alone in the car, just my fruits, veggies & water driving across state boarders. God had my back because that was one of the most scariest time of my life. Stopping at rest stops because my eyes were just too tired to keep driving and waking up alive. I sighed in relief every time I woke back up. "God is Good!"

Now, when I made it to Georgia I stopped in Perry. I ate at Captain D's (best freaking fast food that's seafood ever...& them rolls. "Gawd!!") ..but I just didn't feel a pull towards the city. I wasn't home. Next stop was, The A!!

"Welcome to Atlanta" to me sounded like, "Welcome to all these high rises, traffic and cars" WTF?
To be honest Atlanta reminded me of Miami and I just didn't feel at ease there. 

So, I waited a few hours then I bounced. See, I didn't want our new home town to have to grow on us, I wanted to feel at home the moment I touched it. Abiding by this law of mine kept me on the road moving through cities like the flow of water. 

Georgia just wasn't it for me. So I kept driving. 

I'll say I drove a total of 14 to 15 hours before I landed in this one city. I'm not going to reveal what state it's in but this city grabbed my attention like non-other. The people embraced me within 5 minutes of me stopping and everything was so darn cheap. Can somebody say HEAVEN!?! 

I found it. The city that we would make our own. I went down the list of possibilities and opportunities for the 5 of us and I found many. Felt like an empty canvas and #TheMcGowans were coming to paint the town. I checked in one of their 3 hotels and took a nap. It was a long way coming..Z Z Z Z z z z z..

Did I mention gas was $1.98 even before gas prices started to drop? and property taxes didn't exceed $400 a year for acres of land? 

God, you knew exactly what I wanted and you made me feel at ease and at home when I reached it. All I had to do was bust a move. #ThankFul

Things start to happen when you get moving..I am a living testimony of that. I deserved everything good but I wasn't receiving it because I wasn't in my right position. So I moved around until I felt the ease in my gut. Like God was talking to me and directing me the whole way.

Simplicity at the end of my journey.
#CleanLiving #CleanLoving #SabbathReflecting


Picture of me and our youngest Skylar at the farm exactly 1 week after our move.



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