August 10, 2014

Last Week of Summer Break Here in Miami, Fl.

If you are part of the group that does not take a break from work or just always moving then you may not understand what we are about to talk about. Just think, before there were cars that started up on their own there were cars that people use to kick start. Are you picturing them? Yes, The Flintstones were good at kick starting the car and steering along the way. I see the same for projects, dreams and ideas.

 "Put your all into the kick start of your next endeavor and let the passion & completion of your work help you to steer through the journey"- Dominique Le Blu

Meaning, put your most into the start of whatever you plan on starting. To Start means to come in being and if you are you most while you come into being then the journey ill be a necessary ride. Of course the journey will be a long rode but the ride will be more understanding when you kick start with all your might! (Ding!, I usually make bells of "ahh haaa's click in heads lol)

But Getting back to this summer break, it was a delight, wasn't it? Things got more organized for all of us and visions more clear or cloudy for most of us. (Has a lot to do with the planet's position also) Things that were good but not good for us has walked away and opportunities are staring you in the face waiting to get "Kick Started".

Whatever your summer brought you be happy for it and also be happy that school is starting in a week and its time to have our children ready for the first day. I know, I know, hair, clothes and school supplies are necessities too but I'm speak on their MIND & THINKING for the 2014-2015 school year. Let's go....

First: Take away the TV. Yes, right now just turn it off. If you still allow your children to sit in front of the television or computer for more than an hour then yes especially you. Now wake your child up, the TV tends to keep them in a sleep trans. OK, now that they are awake go make a snack and just sit down with your children and talk. Start by sharing every one's biggest expectation of themselves and the people living in the household. Get it together over a snack.

Next, get out a big doodle pad and make notes of how all of you are going to spend the last week of summer break together. Don't laugh, this is important...

Now let's begin with Monday, what time will everyone be waking up and what are the plans hour to hour? So much can be done in 7 days and everyone is so lucky to be able to map out exactly what their plans are. Also Moms, we have to get their clothes and school activities organized before it sneaks right up on us. Here is a sample of a daily plan:

Eat breakfast together
Finish laundry
Look in the paper for school supplies coupons
Map out school year schedule
Fix lunch/ I'm feeling like bean soup
Bathe & Walk Cookie (dog)
Watch a movie
Talk about year's expectations
Read books/Work on school lessons
Eat dinner

Of course you can add in more details or spice it up like a Bucket List, to each family their own!

Yea, it's about that time to wake them up and get them ready for next week's reality, like the start of a project or a dream that they want to come true. Fill their thoughts with great expectations of the new school years and motivation to reach the goals. Say nice, rewarding and uplifting things because now you will not be seeing each other as much as in the summer. Get ready to help your child(ren) Kick Start their next Beginning!


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