July 21, 2014

We Walked 3.1 Miles Across Miami

Greetings Lovers,

Guess what my girls and I did. We walked 3.1 miles to "Nana's" house. I know, I know, you all are wondering why we just didn't get in the car but listen to the entire meaning of yesterday.

My daughters and myself were home with no car. Daddy had a basketball game and we were bored. The oldest asked me if we could go somewhere and I replied, "If we go anywhere it would have to be by feet because Daddy has the car", they all agreed. Yes even our 2 year old screamed, "Yes!". At that moment I was thinking about the heat outside and that far walk but then I saw the determination in their eyes and the will in their hearts.

So, I told everyone to get dressed and I packed the water and fruits for the walk and pulled out the hats. We all were excited to go on this "adventure" and I wanted to let them see that nothing can stand in front of them when there is something for them to gain.

We headed out the house like 4 ladies on an adventure looking for The Planet of the Apes lol (great movie btw). Skylar, the 2 year old was the leader at the start but the further we walked the less she wanted to walk. Our middle daughter, Brooke did not want to go any further after 20 minutes. I looked at her and said, "You agreed to this adventure, You started this adventure, Now let's finish the adventure!"

Two miles in and a hour later we had to rest. So many people were honking the horn and asking if we wanted a ride. I said loudly and proudly, "If we wanted a ride I would have drove, we are on an adventure". My girls agreed every time I shouted it. They were just as proud as I was to be doing something so daring and out of our normal. We took a 20 minute rest in the laundry mat, had a few snacks and played a few video game. We were tired but still happy.

As we started walking again, I could see that the girls wanted to give up. I reminded them that we made it more than half the way and we cannot stop until we make it all the way. Ariah said, "Trying is doing nothing at all, we have to finish it to say we did it or its like we did nothing at all." Yes, she blew me away too. She understands life more than a lot of grown folks we passed on our adventure and she makes me so proud.

The moral of the walk was to show my daughters how easy it was to get somewhere because we have the feet and heart to get there. Have you noticed how spoiled children are these days? They would miss out on the world if mommy or daddy didn't drop them off to it. Also, if my 2 year old can keep up and feel accomplished, so can your children.

How will you prepare your children for the world this summer? Share your stories



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