June 1, 2014

My homework..check out my poem, We Love!

    My Professor sent out assignments and I completed this in less than 30 minutes. I received so many comments about the feelings my words made them feel..what do you think? No one has really read my thoughts and I am sharing them with you! (Make sure to read the poem, I wrote it a day before our 10 year/ 5 year anniversary)

Generate a list reflecting the categories with which you identify. Complete the statement: “I am a(n) ___,” rather quickly 20 times in the spaces provided below. Do not think too long about your responses as no answers are right or wrong.  
1. I am a(n) mother.
2. I am a(n) wife.  
3. I am a(n) great human being.  
4. I am a(n) animal lover.  
5. I am a(n) teacher
6. I am a(n) listener.  
7. I am a(n) daughter.  
8. I am a(n) independent learner.  
9. I am a(n) Rastafari
10. I am a(n) open mind
11. I am a(n) wombman
12. I am a(n) kind heart
13. I am a(n) woman of the Universe
14. I am a(n) aspiring writer
15. I am a(n) beautiful creation
16. I am a(n) goal achiever.           
17. I am a(n) example for society
18. I am a(n) giver
19. I am a(n) granddaughter
20. I am a(n) guided light

When you have finished, divide your responses according to the underlying categories you are able to recognize. This strategy can help you gain a picture of the image you have of yourself.       

1. Human Being
2. Lover
3. Goodness

2) Write a poem or song about your diversity and/or culture:

 There is a whisper in the wind, I can recognize a sound like mine
A tingle from within, I still recognize the sound like mine
My daughters just won’t know, until I enlighten their awareness and show,
Them the greatness within themselves, just like mine.

Clean your room and do your best in school is my favorite line,
Brush your teeth and make your bed one more time.
"I love you Honey, you being the best husband is far too kind"
The gratefulness I unleash because I know these things are far more than just mine.

And then we Love, we realize that mine is not mine but that we are we, and then we love.
Love is really all we need in this lifetime, and then we love!

Dominique Cuff-McGowan


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