May 31, 2014

Last Week Before Summer Begins-

Hello Lovers!!!

First let me begin by saying, "Hey Ya'll!". If you've wonder where I have been hiding, I'm here to tell you I decided to live off the grid for a few months. Sometimes there are obstacles in our life that have to be followed through and the "outside" influence does not need to be an option.

Do you realize that we posses everything within us to be everything outside of us?

There have been so many dreams and interests I wrote down to accomplish and I couldn't check them off. I know you have a checklist somewhere too. I woke up one morning and realized I was giving so much of my talent and blessing away and not spending more time receiving any blessings. Sound familiar?

Anywho.. I realized that I have the best advantage of being a mother. I can look at my children and see what can be fixed for their future, and in return I will be fixing my own loose ends at the same damn time. Summer here in Miami-Dade begins June 6th and I am ready for the challenge with my children being home. Are you ready Parents? (Get the wine now for grown up time ladies)

All this school year we have shipped our children off to learn how to be apart of society and the challenge this summer is to show our children how to be apart of life. By example of course. I have enrolled my girls in an online summer school program (email me for more info) and also they are still practicing the art of karate. I am also being more firm and rising the bar of expectations. What do you think?

Take some time and think of a few ways you can follow out with your challenge. In the comments let's share some examples of what you have planned. Also share some great summer programs for children this year. Email me because I junked my cell phone to prove to myself I am still alive without being electronically connected lol #Life #Music #Education #LeBlu

They are our future.

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  1. I got the privilege to spend a few weeks with the kindergarteners at Lenora B. Smith elementary school and I can see the future. This summer can make or break our children. What do you think?


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