January 4, 2014

Shut Up & Just Do It!!

Let me start this blog post by saying, "If your way is not giving you the results you want, why don't you try mine?!"
A few months ago I had an epiphany. I was so comfortable in my life, I had a comfortable marriage and I was raising my children comfortably. I was happy and healthy and we had a few thousands saved up but that was too comfortable. I woke up one day and said, "I'm just damn too comfortable!"

Now many people would love to be comfortable right now. Your bills are probably over your head, your relationship is on the rocks and your children don't seem to understand life, so why not wish to be comfortable? I'll tell you why. Comfortable is the dumb feeling you get and start to like, but the truth is, by LAW being comfortable is a BIG FAT LIE! Life is either going up or down. Nothing and no one stays the same, so why would you get comfortable?

"For every action there is a reaction" so just think. If you put a little in, you get a little out. Thats a FACT! If you put a lot in you get a lot out, thats another FACT!

Stay At Home & Make Money Like I Do! - Le Blu

I'm going to get a little personal in this paragraph. You see, I've been with my husband for 9 years. Of course there are ups and downs but he has been my commitment for 9 years. The biggest and longest commitment that I've ever made. There came a time when we both didn't put into the relationship. Of course I blamed him and he blamed me but we both got comfortable. We thought that with being together long enough the relationship would just flow, oh were we wrong. What we failed to realize was, if we don't PUT IN we don't GET OUT. It took some falls in the road and a bunch of name calling and divorce paper work before it clicked. In everything, especially marriage, we have to put in something in order to get out something. We then started treating each other the way we wanted to be treated ourselves. It worked, we utilized one of those secrets in life. "Way to go Hun!" (To my hubby)

Go that extra mile with your mate so you can get an extra mile out. I won't say make an effort because then you are forcing something that is not there, but instead be more of yourself. If you want to see your significant other happy, be more of yourself for the ONEs you love. I put in parenthesis a few things we did to Be More!
 (examples: Send a loving/sexy morning/night text. Write a note. Write a poem. Rub some feet.  Fill the bathtub and light some candles. Exchange house chores)

You see now how being comfortable is not a good thing? I know, I know, most of your problems would go away if you just had money. Right?? WRONG!! 

Most of your bills might go away if you pay them when you get the money but who YOU are will still be the same. And a little secret is, when you start to fix yourSelf, you start to realize how more money will come to you. The lie is that you need money first, but I'm here to remind you that the money will come easy once you know who you are and you start applying certain secrets to your life, THINGS START TO HAPPEN! 

Don't worry, I want us all to win and I'm going to remind you every step of the way with a secret here and a secret there. Feel free to email me any questions dominiqueleblu@gmail.com you want answered and like and comment my posts and blogs so I know someone is being inspired by this. If you want to get more personal with me & my family just follow TheMcGowanGirls.blogspot.com 


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