March 3, 2015

Let's Talk Salt

Hello Wonderful Beings,

Lately I have doing a lot of research and answering a bunch of emails helping individuals substitute certain foods that can make a big impact on their healthy lifestyle. Just recently I met up with a young lady who is a mother at the grocery store and we actually did grocery shopping together. I saw what she was picking up and she took notes on what I was picking up. This blog post is to help you start your transition in the grocery store. If you don't buy the bad stuff you just can't cook with bad stuff, right? We made a few changes to her grocery list and I have left those details below:

We started with salt on this trip to the grocery store. Substituting table salt with Himalayan salt (the pink salt) can be beneficial to your health. Mike Adams, the infamous Health Ranger, explains that Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt contains the full complement of minerals and trace elements “just like Mother Earth intended.” It is an unrefined, unprocessed raw salt mined by hand from salt caves that formed 250 million years ago as ocean salt settled into geologic pockets. It is stone-ground, which apparently doesn’t count as “processing.” Table salt is bad stuff, you see, since it was processed to remove all the good stuff and then they had to replace the iodine because people who ate it started to get goiters. Of course "No Salt" may be the ultimate best way but being realistic when you must have the taste try going for the pink one.

Milk was a major topic during this grocery trip because we both are mothers and want our children to drink what they are suppose to drink. I replaced cow milk for nut milk a few years back and I am happy I did. When I started to try other kinds of milk my daughters showed more love towards hemp milk and almond milk. Hemp milk is so good and so expensive so on a regular intake we get almond milk. Milk without the upset stomach is why I love almond milk and of course way more health benefits than cow milk. No hormones, preservatives or additives, blah blah blah. We hate those things and wouldn't dare feeding them to our children, right?

I also expressed how much chocolate almond milk satisfied my soul when I get that urge for something sweet. Instead of a piece of cake I pour a tall dark glass of chocolate almond milk and I don't feel guilty at all. Delish!!

....and lastly we added Organic Green Tea from China to her beverage lifestyle. This tea is also  new to my lifestyle so I was excited to share it with her on this trip to the grocery store together.

 I have found that during the winter season with the snow and freezing weather it is hard to drink as much water as I use to drink living in the Sunshine State where it is hot all the time. So having a cup of green tea and not adding anything to it adds even more value to my life than just the water alone and it keeps me warm. I am happy I found this alternative and I found this pack of 100 tea bag at Walmart for under $5.00. 

To sum up about Organic Green Tea, here are just a few medical conditions in which drinking green tea is reputed to be helpful:
  • cancer
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • high cholesterol levels
  • cardiovascular disease
  • infection
  • impaired immune function

     Thanks for always finding my blog posts informative and interesting. Keep your emails coming my way, your questions are never too big or small. I love the well being of all man kind so when I find something helpful for our lives I will test it out and then share if I find it worth sharing. Love you all! 


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